About us

ONTECOM Group develops new technologies, manufactures process equipment, performs research and development, and engineering and maintenance services for non-ferrous metallurgy enterprises. Our key customers are aluminium extrusion and recycling smelters around the world. Our products are in demand by large companies, including the electrolysis and foundry production enterprises.

We apply advanced technology and design to make our products affordable and competitive. This is possible thanks to our own production and scientific research base, consolidation of leading R&D directions of companies, and use of communication technologies, as well as cooperation with partner companies and leading scientists from various countries.

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Our principles and values


We develop quickly and are open to innovation


We shape the image of our future daily, with our thoughts, solutions and actions. We are responsible for one another, for the consumers of our services and products, and to our partners and competitors, and the state and society as a whole


The basis of our success is the synergy effect of cooperation of the best professionals and companies in varied spheres from various countries


Developing innovative technologies, products and services, we contribute to the reduction of production costs and increase in competitiveness of our clients, as well as the development of society, the global economy and preservation of the environment


We set ourselves ambitious goals and apply all our strength to achieve them. We set ourselves high standards of excellence and strive to be the best in what we do

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ONTECOM Group includes: engineering, manufacturing, IT and R&D companies developing specific technology for the non-ferrous metallurgy and related industries.

Objectives of merging individual companies into the ONTECOM Group:

  • Joint development, production and commercialization of scientific and technological developments in the rational use of intellectual and material resources of all participants;
  • Improving the performance of individual companies based on common information resources, and coordination of actions, general corporate rules and procedures;
  • Promotion of products and services on the market under the common brand name of ONTECOM with the support of the ontecom.com website.

Achievement of the strategic objectives of ONTECOM Group promotes a uniform corporate standard of project management and continuous improvement of its mechanisms. This standard allows efficient use of resources and ensures the quality of its products and services, as well as coordination of the actions of all participants of ONTECOM Group in the implementation of joint projects in the planning, execution and monitoring process.

ONTECOM's corporate project management system is designed to provide effective achievement of operational and strategic business objectives, process improvement, personnel support and infrastructure development, as well as enhance customer satisfaction within and outside the organization.


Evgeny Golovenko
Managing Director
Evgeny Kravtsev
Commercial Director
Vitaly Goremykin
Technical Director
Denis Kirillov
Chief Structural Engineer
Konstantin Mihaylov
Head of the Project Office
Grigoriy Grishko
Project Manager
Evgeny Kinev
Project Manager