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Electromagnetic stirring (EMS)

EMS is intended for improving product quality and business efficiency at aluminium producing companies. The EMS system is installed on the exterior of the furnace (side or bottom), no physical contact with the melt, stirring takes place through a steel casing and full refractory thickness of the furnace hearth or wall. The unit is very reliable and easy to operate. Payback time on investment of less than one year can be anticipated, but will depend on the application.


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Filter boxes and electrically heated launders

Ontecom develops, manufactures and supplies filter boxes and launders, which are distinguished by a flexible combined heating system. Ontecom's filter boxes and launders fully meet the technology of the aluminum alloys preparation and reduce the amount of specific energy consumption per ton of finished product.


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The Flux Injector improves aluminium alloy quality, removing alkalis, non-metallic inclusions and hydrogen from the melt. In order to meet quality requirements, these impurities need to be removed. The Flux Injector delivers the fluxing agent (granulated salts) underneath the metal surface by means of a refining carrier gas (argon or nitrogen).


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Treatment technologies

The unit is used for chemical, technological and mass exchanging processes such as stirring, blending, dispersion and homogenization within a “liquid — solid body” system. Processed components are exposed to compression and tension waves in a resonant mode, which allows to obtain a fully developed cavitation and turbulence, with an ability to intensify chemical reactions, and also to carry out possibility of sonochemical interactions.


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Induction heating

The main issue in induction heating of non-ferrous metals is a low energy efficiency. The efficiency factor of induction heating devices for copper or aluminum is not more than 40%, with the rated capacity reaching tens and hundreds MW. ONTECOM Group is developing an energy efficient equipment for non-ferrous metals heating, which allows to achieve the efficiency factor of 65% and more.

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Spare parts

Spare parts for the Ontecom equipment