Electromagnetic stirring (EMS)

EMS is intended for improving product quality and business efficiency at aluminium producing companies.

The EMS system is installed on the exterior of the furnace (side or bottom), no physical contact with the melt, stirring takes place through a steel casing and full refractory thickness of the furnace hearth or wall. The unit is very reliable and easy to operate. Payback time on investment of less than one year can be anticipated, but will depend on the application.


Parameter Improvements
Improved bath temperature uniformity 3-5 minutes
Excellent alloy homogenisation
Furnace productivity increase up to 25%
Energy savings up to 15%
Low dross generation up to 50 % reduction
Maximizes quality and aluminium yield


Customer oriented offer

  • Recommendations for installation based on the Customer information
  • Cooperation with qualified furnace builders allows a turnkey implementation of the stirrer

Low capital cost

  • Completely air cooled
  • Compact installation
  • Modular construction (standard components)

Low operating cost

  • Low power
  • Excellent power factor
  • Minimum maintenance

Increased reliability and good customer service

  • Designed to work in arduous conditions (dust, temperature)
  • No physical contact with the melt and no moving parts
  • On-line system diagnostics and work with the Customer approved local service companies

Bottom EMS is used in the following cases:

  • there is a possibility to place the stirrer under the furnace bottom;
  • one stirrer is used to work under two furnaces and more;
  • improved chemical and temperature homogeneity of the melt is required;
  • the stirrer is required for circulation of small levels of melt in the bath.

Bottom EMS can be used for:

  • a tilting melting or holding furnace without a lift/trolley mechanizm (inductor is moved to the operation area when the furnace is in upper position);
  • a static melting/holding furnace with a lift/trolley mechanizm;
  • a tilting melting or holding furnace with a lift/trolley mechanizm;
  • several static or tilting melting/holding furnaces with an ability to move the stirrer on a lift/trolley mechanism.

Side EMS is used in the following cases:

  • If the furnace design does not allow to install a more efficient bottom EMS;
  • if in the course of the furnace operation a demand arises to increase the furnace efficiency or to change over to new alloys with a high value added;

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