Hydraulic impact resonance unit GRAD

For processing and disposing of metallurgical sludge wastes

Application of the technology

The unit is used for chemical, technological and mass exchanging processes such as stirring, blending, dispersion and homogenization within a “liquid – solid body” system. Processed components are exposed to compression and tension waves in a resonant mode, which allows to obtain a fully developed cavitation and turbulence, with an ability to intensify chemical reactions, and also to carry out possibility of sonochemical interactions.

Unique offer from ONTECOM Group for metallurgy

to оbtain fluorine-free carbon containing fraction and concentrated solution of fluorine containing salts (mostly NaF).

to reduce expenditures for time, energy and chemical reagents (alkali and acids) for obtaining of fluorides solution and carbon containing fraction.

to separate a сarbon containing fraction from the solution in the form of a insoluble solid precipitation on a continuous basis.

to heat of the solution for the chemical leaching reaction to take place due to a hydromechanical impact on a fluid.

Main technical characteristics

  • unit capacity (finished product - suspension) — up to 45 m2/h;
  • charge of the mixture through the unit — up to 90 m3 per hour;
  • processing cycle time — 5 min;
  • unit electric power — 30 kW;
  • ready mixture maximum temperature — 90° С;
  • input particles maximum size — 10 mm;
  • output particles maximum size — 10-50 mu;
  • carbon containing fraction particles size (separated by hydrocyclone) — 10-60 um;
  • unit weight — 965 kg.

Advantages of the technology

  1. efficient leaching of fluorine containing substances by the Sodium hydroxide (NaOH) solution (with reduced consumption of time, energy and active reagents) into the solution in the form of fluorides (mostly NaF);
  2. carbon containing material is separated into a separate fraction in the form of a solid precipitation.

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