• Service 01

    Engineering (development, design, production and turnkey delivery) of metallurgical process equipment

    When the end user needs to purchase Russian or Western made process equipment, ONTECOM Group acts as a designer and an equipment supplier under a turnkey OEM contract.

    OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) is used to refer to the company that acquires a product or component and reuses or incorporates it into a new product with its own brand name (for example, ONTECOM). Some part of components and equipment can be designed, manufactured and delivered for a specific customer. The latter is particularly characteristic of the process equipment in metallurgy, when the end user may change the technology of alloys production or arrangement of production lines and units.

  • Service 02

    After-sales and maintenance service on the delivered process equipment

    ONTECOM Group will undertake inspections of the supplied equipment when requested by the customer. During the inspection we can also provide maintenance and operational training, and if necessary, offer refresher training.

  • Service 03

    Industrial Design

    ONTECOM design bureau has sufficient resources, experience and skills, as well as accumulated knowledge for the design of process equipment, electromechanical devices, mechanisms and special electric machines. Design solutions are substantiated and accompanied by all kinds of strength, thermal and electrical calculations. The equipment, designed by ONTECOM, meets the highest customer needs and the regulations of the country where the designed equipment operates.

  • Service 04

    Manufacture of equipment from the customer's drawings

    ONTECOM production facility has necessary equipment and qualified personnel for production of electromechanical and process equipment, both metallurgical and general industrial. ONTECOM Group independently or in cooperation with partners is capable of manufacturing complex and critical equipment as per the customer's technical documentation. This is relevant for foreign equipment suppliers in Russia, if the transportation costs of the equipment with large weights and dimensions are substantially greater than the costs of manufacturing the equipment in close proximity to the end customer.

  • Service 05

    R&D as per the Customer's order

    Accumulated experience in creating complex process systems for the metal industry allows us to successfully solve the problems in the field of research of processes and phenomena in technical systems, based on our knowledge to improve them for increasing efficiency or reliability, and also to create a brand new process equipment. ONTECOM team includes engineers, scientists, production men and also Theory of Inventive Problem Solving specialists, who are capable of implementing nonconventional technical and technological projects.